Thursday 30 September 2021

September's Revision Update!


Well, I know it's Thursday, but today I finished my latest Revision Project so I thought I'd pop in.

How are you?

The Covid situation around here still sucks. The numbers have been just below 1k daily this week and the vaccination numbers are going up, but I doubt I'll ever fully get over this pandemic. I intend to keep my distance, stay away from most public places and will avoid crowds forever. I've developed a serious case of people phobia and this virus scares the hell out of me. 😫

Anyway, I was actually preoccupied this week because I got stuck into the final read-thru of my latest WIP.

Here are the stats:

  • Monday: 62/207pgs (74,247w)
  • Tuesday: 135/206pgs (74,100w)
  • Wednesday: 207/207pgs (74,035w)
  • Thursday: 212pgs / 74,009w

Monsters is now DONE! Yay. 😃🎉

I'm VERY EXCITED about finishing this project because I put a lot of hard work into it to make the story better and stronger. I ended up cutting over 3k words, blending chapters, rewriting sections, sharpening scenes, and tightened everything until the finished product became the story I envisioned at the very beginning. Back in 2018.

Actually, I wrote the first draft of this novel back in September 2018. So it feels kinda awesome to have it finished exactly three years later. LOL.

Finishing this project also means I can update my 2021 Revision List again: 
  1. April: Full edit of Wall of Dolls
  2. May: Full revision of Destiny
  3. June: Full revision of Victoria
  4. August: Full revision of Possess
  5. September: Full revision of Monsters

I'm happy about the progress I'm making with these first drafts. They all sat on my hard drive collecting dust for too long, so it's nice to actually complete and file them away as done. So cool.

I think that's about all the words I can manage tonight. Every second I put into this story was totally worth it, but my brain feels like mush now. I'm in desperate need of a mental break. 

Actually, we have a long weekend coming up and daylight savings begins, too. Happy about spending three days with hubby.

Have a great one!

PS. Have you seen Midnight Mass yet? If you haven't, you totally should because it's a fantastic show.

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