Saturday 2 October 2021

THE RABBITS by John Marsden & Shaun Tan


The RabbitsThe Rabbits by John Marsden
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We found this beauty in one of our local Street Libraries and couldn't leave it behind. I'm really glad we grabbed it because it's a great book!


This story might be brief, but it packs quite the emotional punch. Not just because the artwork is lovely and totally authoritarian, but also because this is the story of the shameful and disgraceful colonisation that happened all over the world.

It captures the forceful way empires invaded indigenous lands, and the destruction they left in their wake. Not to mention how they had no respect for the land and ruined the environment.

This is seriously powerful stuff and told in a way that really hits you emotionally. Because how can anyone deny the sadness and anger of our history? And how it keeps repeating itself.

Such a clever way of simplifying our violent existence.

Loved this book!

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