Friday 24 September 2021

The Revision Continues...

Hey! How are you this week?

I hope everything is okay in your corner of the globe while we try to navigate this very strange, weird and often shitty world of ours. 😦

Just when it feels like we might be making a bit of progress with this never-ending Covid situation, it all turns to crap all over again. Ugh. Here in NSW, we've managed to dip below 1k daily cases only once in several weeks. It's so frustrating and distressing, but the state government only cares about our vaccination numbers now. If only they'd gotten their shit together at the beginning of the year... 

Also, the thing about being vaxxed—which we totally are and everyone definitely should be—is that as awesome as it is, we also need to keep social distancing, wear masks in crowded indoor situations and be more considerate. The thing I worry about is that people will get complacent when we reach the government's magical 70% fully vaxxed target.

Anyway, enough of that.

I spent this week working on the third draft of my current revision project, tentatively titled Monsters.🐍

Here's my revision progress for this week: 
  • Monday: 27/210pgs (75,518w)
  • Tuesday: 71/212pgs (76,055w)
  • Wednesday: 140/213pgs (76,038w)
  • Thursday: 179/207pgs (73,970w)
  • Friday: 207pgs / 74,383w

As you can see, THE THIRD DRAFT IS DONE! Yay. Awesome. 😃🎉

Like the other Revision Projects I've tackled this year, I worked extra hard to strengthen the story, tighten the writing and delete the excess. And because of that, the word count went up and down all week. LOL.

The word/page count isn't important. I just wanted to sharpen the whole thing and make sure everything tied in together. And I'm really excited about how it turned out because the mythology stuff totally fits with the contemporary tale I've woven. 

For this novel, I once again took a good dose of Greek mythology and introduced some of the players into a modern setting. I also added a nice sprinkle of horror, relationship complications, and unstable familial ties. Doing this draft was a blast because after the changes I made last week, it was a LOT easier to fix this draft.

Well, that's about it for now. I really need a couple of days away from the story because I'm mentally drained. I'm going to enjoy the weekend with hubby because we're celebrating our 22nd Wedding Anniversary tomorrow. 💕

So, I'll tackle the final read-thru on Monday and relax for a few days.

Have a great weekend! 😁

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