Friday 4 June 2021

HOLY COW by David Duchovny


Holy CowHoly Cow by David Duchovny
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After reading a book written by Gillian Anderson, it was only fair that I follow it up with a book written by David Duchovny. 😁

Elsie is a cow who is very eager to tell us her story. She might start out as a small-farm gal, but after finding out a few shocking truths about the human world, she makes it her mission to escape to a much better place...

OMG. This story is SO MUCH FUN! I absolutely LOVED it. And Elsie! She's awesome and quirky and funny and very witty. Her passion is contagious. I was totally cheering for her all the way through and enjoyed following her on this very important personal quest.

I have to warn you, this is one cow's adventure in a world that doesn't understand her. So I'm pretty sure there will be readers who just don't get it, but if you open your mind and heart, and stick with this very unique and unusual tale, you won't regret it.

Another very cool thing about it is the style. I loved how Elsie took the piss out of everything, including herself. The dialogue is hilarious, especially when Shalom and Tom join the party. And Joe was hilarious too. Plus, the snappy short chapters made this book such a great and speedy read.

Oh, and I also need to mention that although I keep saying Elsie's adventure is fun, it's also quite sad. Watching all the awful greed humans partake in every single day through the eyes of the animals they take for granted, and mistreat, always makes me angry.

This is such a clever way of telling a lighthearted story dealing with some pretty heavy subjects. And the social commentary about human behaviour, religion and common decency, is on point. As are all the pop culture references.

It's a bit of a melancholy ride but well worth the time.

Holy Cow, indeed. 🐮

I can't wait to read more Duchovny.

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