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The Strange Tale of Miss Victoria FrankThe Strange Tale of Miss Victoria Frank by Kelly Evans
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You know, I wasn't planning to read anything tonight. Yet, while sorting the books on my Paperwhite, I somehow ended up starting and finishing this.

Nikola Tesla is in New York City lecturing people who don't understand his vision when he crosses paths with Victoria Frank. Victoria is a scientist with her own plans and when she becomes Tesla's assistant, unexpected things happen...

I really enjoyed this story! It's under 100 pages and every word counts. Everything that happens from beginning to end is important, and leads to a tragic ending foreshadowed from early on.

Victoria is a great character. She's stubborn, determined and very clever. She's also hiding a few secrets, and is very determined to complete her impossible and very horrific goal. Nikola is an unexpected delight in this gothic tale. Not just because the author made him her own and he fits the narrative perfectly, but also because he seems to be ripped right from the historical pages he lives in.

I loved the pseudo-science featured in this story, and how well it was portrayed. Not to mention that I've always held a degree of curiosity about Tesla. The way this is combined with the concept featured in one of my most favourite classics, really works.

This story is a charming pleasant surprise that mixes science, great characterisation, feminism and some pretty morbid horror themes.

You should definitely check it out!

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