Thursday 3 June 2021

A VISION OF FIRE by Gillian Anderson & Jeff Rovin


A Vision of Fire (The Earthend Saga, #1)A Vision of Fire by Gillian Anderson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

We all know Gillian Anderson is an awesome actor, but how many of us know she's also a great writer? Well, after reading this intriguing book, I can confidently say she knows how to weave an interesting tale that easily hooked me in.

The world is at a tipping point. The threat of nuclear war between India and Pakistan is real. Peace talks don't seem to help. And now young people from different parts of the world are speaking in unfamiliar languages, screaming for no reason and slipping into violent trances. But one woman is willing to dig deeper, ask questions and put herself in the middle of this dangerous situation to help these kids while also searching for the truth...

Wow. What a ride! I was hooked from the Prologue, and became totally invested once the story gets going. Not only because I was intrigued as soon as the weird stuff started happening, but also because I really liked the characters.

I was already sold on this book, but when Caitlin O’Hara is introduced, everything got even better. Caitlin is a child psychologist with a young son who, via her translator friend from the UN, finds herself caught up in a very strange and delicate situation. The way she deals with it and how deeply she gets involved in this impossible quest to help the teenager, Maanik, really stuck with me.

She's just such an awesome character. Devoted to her work, a caring mother, always willing to help those in need, believes in the scientific process but also doesn't close her mind off to the other. Caitlin is great and I loved the moments when she goes through everything in her mind.

There are other very interesting POVs that help round out the intricate subtleties of what is slowly building around the world. I especially liked Ben, and need to know more about Flora and Mikel.

I found the mystery at the core of this thrilling story so interesting that I couldn't put the book down. My intention was to get a sample, but ended up spending hours reading. I seriously couldn't stop. Because I wanted to know what was going to happen next! 😲

In the end, the things that are revealed were as captivating as the ones still left unsolved. This is a series, so I wasn't surprised there.

I've always had an interest in the mysteries of ancient civilisations, so this was right up my alley.

Anyway, this turned out to be an awesome book. I'm looking forward to checking out the next one.

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