Tuesday 4 May 2021

POLTERHEIST by Laura Resnick


Polterheist (Esther Diamond, #5)Polterheist by Laura Resnick
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Well, it was about time I read the next book in the Esther Diamond series! 😊

It's the festive season and Esther has to pay the rent, so she gets a job as a jewish elf and Santa helper at Fenster & Co. But weird things are happening in this store, enough to freak out both customers and employees...

This was another super fun addition to this awesome & funny urban fantasy series.

The beginning of Esther's next adventure started out on a freaky and hilarious note. I actually laughed quite a few times, and then found myself wondering what was going on in this weird store. Setting it during the crazy Christmas season while trying to diversify the festivities certainly added to the entertainment factor. It was also a great platform for trouble.

I get such a kick out of meeting a new cast of goofy characters and catching up with some familiar ones. Satsy's in the house and so is Jeff, as well as Lucky. Of course Max and Nelli stop by because Esther needs their brand of expertise. Plus, Lopez just can't stay away. 😅

I actually really enjoyed the sizzling connection between them in this book. I really hope this is the start of something wonderful between them.

Yep. I enjoyed the hell out of Esther's latest tale.

Oh and BTW, I love the book titles and covers in this series.

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