Thursday 6 May 2021


He jumped to his death in front of witnesses. Now his wife is charged with murder.

Five years ago, Erin Kennedy moved to New York following a family tragedy. She now lives happily with her detective husband in the scenic seaside town of Newport, Long Island. When Erin answers the door to Danny's police colleagues one morning, it's the start of an ordinary day. But behind her, Danny walks to the window of their fourth-floor apartment and jumps to his death.

Eighteen months later, Erin is in court, charged with her husband's murder. Over that year and a half, Erin has learned things about Danny she could never have imagined. She thought he was perfect. She thought their life was perfect. 

But it was all built on the perfect lie. 

This is a surprise book Hachette Australia sent me last week. I knew nothing about this story and have to thank Bella for sending me a copy because this turned out to be quite a twisty and totally engrossing tale.

When Erin's husband jumps off the balcony of their apartment, she's horrified. Distraught and heartbroken, she sets off to find out why her seemingly happy detective husband would suddenly kill himself in front of her. And what she discovers is a web of lies and secrets that chase her after his death... 

Wow. This was such a great book!

With a stunning first chapter that packs such a heavy emotional and shocking punch, I was totally hooked. And then the second chapter totally threw me out because how could this poor woman be charged with the murder of a man who killed himself? 😳

Well, nothing is as it seems in this book and I had a great time watching the lies and secrets unravel. The reader is taken on such a wild and unexpected ride that for a while, all the moving parts seem to be disconnected but eventually fit together to reveal a disturbing puzzle.

The story is mostly told in Erin's Now and Then POV, but we also catch a glimpse of someone else's perspective that really helps round out what's going on. 

Another thing that kept me glued to the pages was Erin. I felt so bad for her and couldn't wait to find out how her heartbreaking tale was going to end up. She's a great narrator who is forced to face a lot of terrible truths but had so much strength it was worth investing time in her. 

The Perfect Lie is an addictive thriller, a total page-turner because I couldn't wait to find out all the answers. It's also filled with real characters and the writing style is exceptional.

This was my first Jo Spain book but it most certainly won't be my last.

The Perfect Lie, May 2021, ISBN 9781529407235, Quercus

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