Tuesday 30 June 2020


The Female of the Species
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book I've been meaning to read for AGES. I picked up the Kindle version a while ago, and found a gorgeous hardback version during one of our many thrift store adventures last year.

I'm glad I did, because this book is fucking amazing. Amazing, I tell you.

Alex's sister was murdered years ago and it changed her. Hardened her and turned her into a recluse. And she's keeping some dark secrets.

Peekay is the preacher's daughter and is mostly a good girl. She's struggling after her boyfriend dumped her, but finds a new friendship with Alex.

Jack is your typical cocky, horny teenager interested in scoring as many hits with the girls as he can. But he's also smart, and has his eye on Alex.

The connection between these three turns out to be explosive...

Wow. What an emotional ride!

Okay, before I start let me mention that this book is not for everyone. There's a LOT of stuff in this storyline that's bound to make people uncomfortable. There are many triggers. After all, it deals with the harsh reality of rape culture, features some animal cruelty, and doesn't shy away from violence.

But, as I said above: it's AMAZING.

This book is gritty, doesn't shy away from everything and anything that deals with the casual way men/boys are always excused for their sexist actions/words, and how women/girls are judged harshly for just about everything they say/do. And to be honest, I'm not even doing it any justice by saying these things. This is a story that has to be read to truly understand what I'm saying, and experienced at your own pace to see just how utterly brilliant it really is. To see how clever the commentary is, while at the same time telling an intriguing story about a small town and the people who live there.

A story about the only abduction and murder case that still rocks its foundation. About how the sister of the victim turned out, but not for the reasons expected. About a preacher's daughter trying to find her own way while respecting her beliefs. About your average horny teenage boy trying to be better and finding himself in a world of hurt the first time he opens his heart.

This is one heavy book. It also moves fast because the chapters are snappy, to the point, and shared by three very different and interesting POVs. And I loved every second of it.

I seriously can't express just how much I loved this book. Or how badly it broke my heart because these kids got deep inside my head and I felt everything they did.

Not everything about this book is sad or horrifying, though plenty of what happens is. There's also a lot of fun moments, some hilarious conversations, plenty of touching moments, and some of the most beautiful depictions of friendship I've ever read.

The Female of the Species is an outstanding book that deserves all the stars. It's definitely one I won't forget.

I highly recommend this dark gem.

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