Sunday 28 June 2020

MEM by Bethany C Morrow

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Last night, while going through the books on my Paperwhite, I stumbled on this novella. It's one I've had my eye on for a while, so I started reading.

During the 1920s Dolores Extract #1 is called back to the Vault. After living in the real world, she's not sure why they want her back where she began.

She's an anomaly, and is able to make her own memories, instead of the one extracted memory from her Source. As she waits to find out her fate, several of her own memories rise to the surface...

This story is delightfully strange. Throws you right into the middle of an alternate 1920s Montreal, where the glitz is very much alive with the added ability of having painful memories extracted from people who then become life-sized versions of the original person.

That's wild, right? But the weird stuff doesn't stop there, because as this incredible Mem--Elsie--remembers her experiences on the outside, deeper twisted things are revealed. And the more time I spent with Elsie, the more her intelligence shines through. As well as her ability to form real friendships, emotional attachments, and keep secrets.

I really enjoyed this story because it challenges so much about humanity and what people are willing to do to escape bad memories. Or when other people decide for you. It really gets your mind thinking and questioning the ethics of doing something this drastic. Love that!

Mem is a thought-provoking, weird little tale featuring a lot of pseudo-science and some beautiful imagery.

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