Friday 3 July 2020

Time to revise this Thing

Hi, how are you this week?

I can't believe it's July and the world is still a mess. If anything, it seems to get worse every single day. Everything's so out of control that the best and only thing to do is to get on with your own thing and shut out all the other crap.

The Covid-19 pandemic isn't over and it still pisses me off (a lot) that so many idiots insist this isn't a problem. It never stopped being a problem. And here in Australia, there's been a huge outbreak in another state. Bad enough that there are a bunch of suburbs on lockdown. Bad enough that it goes up every single day. Bad enough that it looks like it might have spread to Sydney already.


If only this scary pandemic was the only shitty thing going on. Last week was a terrible time for the SF/F/H community because a bunch of creepy men were finally exposed as the vile creepers they are. It was all really gross and I hope that readers don't forget about their shocking behaviour.

I've deleted several books from my Paperwhite, am glad I haven't read any books by any of them, and don't even own any books by the SF/F ones. 

There are just too many books to read to waste time on trashy male authors. Actually, since last week I've found myself reading books exclusively written by women. It happened by accident, really.

Anyway, enough about the shitshow that is this fucked-up world.

This week, I gave myself a goal: to revise my current WIP by the end of the week.

Here's how I went:
  • Monday: 40/40pgs (14,640w)
  • Tuesday: day off
  • Wednesday: 41/41pgs (15,119w)
  • Thursday: day off
  • Friday: 42pgs (15,085w)

So, it looks like this little violent story about some seriously dark sibling rivalry turned out to be a novelette.

This is a story I've had in my head for several years now and wasn't even sure it would turn out okay. I was actually going to delete the idea file earlier this year because it was missing something. BUT, I'm so glad that I stuck with it because I love the direction it took and how it turned out.

Now I can take some time off, which is cool because my birthday's next week. 😁

Well, I guess that's it. Take it easy and have a nice weekend!

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