Tuesday 24 March 2015

Reading Break

Hi there!

How's everyone today? Great, I hope.

Well, it's been a while between posts. A little longer than I thought, to be honest. But I've been taking a break from stuff. I'm trying to keep my anxious nature to a minimum, and it seems to be working.
During the last few weeks we've been doing a bunch of spring cleaning in autumn. We've rearranged our storage in the living room, which involved several trips to IKEA. And then got stuck into the bedroom. I overhauled my wall of bookshelves, went through everything and moved a bunch of things around. My cute toys/collectibles now have a new and awesome home, my bookshelves have a little more wiggle room, and we've introduced a new piece into the room. We even reorganised our built-in wardrobe, which really needed a revamp.
Everything looks a LOT better and like I said, we've made some room for growth. The downside was that it consumed my mind. Organising and reorganising was the only thing I could think of. It's pretty much what I did all the way until the beginning of last week. It was extremely rewarding, but also very exhausting. I was pretty much collapsing into bed at the end of each day and just falling right into sleep. LOL.
Then midweek I went in to get that Barium Swallow I mentioned recently. It was a strange experience, but I was very glad to have it done because it helped clear up any problems I might be suffering. Yesterday morning, I spoke to the ENT and he gave me the results. Everything is normal, I'm fine. There are no probs with my throat, esophagus, or stomach. So that's awesome news!
Looks like I did have some sort of esophagus spasm sometime last month, which brought on a whole bunch of anxiety on my part. The main thing is that the problem was temporary and it corrected itself.
Very happy with those results.
I'm now eating properly again. I think my stomach shrunk a bit during that troublesome time so I find myself getting full sooner than before, but that's okay. If eating smaller portions is the only thing left from the awful experience, that's cool. I was never a huge portion eater anyway. :)
So, there you have it. The health issue that's been bugging me is resolved. I'm glad I got those tests done. Not just because the results were favourable, but because it's proven that there's nothing serious going on. Which does a lot to ease my mind and nerves.
After the test, I decided to get stuck into some serious reading. Yep. As you can tell from the reviews I've posted, I've been enjoying a bit of a reading binge. It's fun! I love to read, and because of all that de-cluttering business, I'd been pushing it aside.
Now, I'm getting stuck into it again.
I'm reading this book at the moment, and I'm loving it so far! It's a series that my daughter has already read and keeps raving on about. She absolutely loves it and kept telling me to check it out. So, here I am... checking it out. ;)
I have to admit that it feels good to just sit back and get stuck into reading. It's relaxing and fun. It's also cool because it means I'm not putting pressure on myself. I tend to do that a lot. I'm the kind of person who pre-plans projects and sets rigid deadlines for myself. Sometimes that's awesome because it keeps me motivated and disciplined, but other times it freaks me out. And I think that this health issue I've had has made me realise how important it is to try and stay as calm as possible.
Don't get me wrong, I'll be getting stuck into my own revision and writing very soon. I already know what I'll be working on next--finishing up Willow's spin-off novel--but I'm not rushing into it. I refuse to work myself into a frenzy. Especially since school holidays are around the corner.
Well, that's it for now.

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