Tuesday 10 March 2015


Man, as far as trying to blog on a somewhat regular basis goes, last month was a bit of a bust. It just didn't work out like I planned.
Mostly it was because I felt like crap. I was tired most of the time and just didn't feel like sitting behind the computer for any longer than I had to. Not to mention that I was trying to meet my March Lavie Deadline.
There's always so much to do, but everything kinda fell apart when I stopped eating because I just couldn't swallow. It hurt to eat anything, felt like it was getting lodged in my throat. Anyway, to cut a long story short I went to my GP and he referred me to an ENT who put a camera up my nose and down my throat. He didn't find anything wrong. Actually said that my throat was in great shape.
So, where does that leave me? I'm going to have a Barium Swallow next week to see if there's a problem further down. Not sure what they'll find, but there has to be something because although I'm now eating, my portions are very small. I can't eat too much without feeling like I'm super full. O_o
The doctor also mentioned that I need to calm down and try to keep my anxious nature under control. Maybe a lot of the problem was psychological rather than physical. So I'm trying not to sweat the small things. I guess we'll find out soon enough if that's the case.
So that's the health side.
Now here's the TV situation side: a few weeks ago our tele started playing up. Everyone onscreen looked like they'd gotten a really bad tan and there was a black smudge in the middle. We have an extended warranty so we called and they sent out a repairer, who took the TV and kept it for almost 2 weeks without doing anything. They said they replaced some bullshit connector thingy or something and brought it back. The next day, the same problem started again. So, off went the tele again.
To cut this story short as well, we are getting a replacement TV. I don't understand why it took so fucking long to write it off when it was obviously stuffed. But, whatever. We will get a new TV on Friday.

It's so strange not having a television in the living room. I didn't miss it at first, but now I'm like: Where the fuck is my TV? :P
As you can see, there's been some pretty shitty stuff happening around here. But there's also some very cool stuff. Like, new IKEA furniture--which I will blog about this week--and finishing my current writing project.
That's right! This morning I wrapped up the synopsis for LAVIE and I've sent the novel to my awesome editor at Samhain Publishing. This is a spin-off book from the Sierra Fox series which is published with them, so I hope she likes it. Fingers crossed.
I want to spend the rest of the week reorganising my bookshelf (yet again!) and I'd also like to read a bit. I haven't read anything but Lavie for the last week and a half. It's time to move on.
 Well, that's my update for now. :)

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