Saturday 21 March 2015

SOULPRINT by Megan Miranda

Alina Chase has spent her entire life in confinement. With the science of soul-printing now a reality, she is 'protected' for her own safety – and the safety of others – because her soul has done terrible things ... or so she's told. When Alina finally breaks out of prison, helped by a group of people with unclear motives, she begins to uncover clues left by her past life that only she can decipher. And she may not be as innocent as she once believed. Can Alina change her future, or is she fated to repeat her past and face the consequences?
Megan Miranda writes great YA thrillers, so I was excited when I received this book from Bloomsbury Australia. Thanks Bloomsbury! :)
Alina Chase is seventeen and has spent most of her life hidden away from the world. She lives on an island, separated from the rest of the population for her own safety. Every facet of her life is controlled and she's constantly watched. See, she lives in a world where the soul is reborn after death. And she happens to have the soul of a criminal.

June Calahan was a young revolutionary who eventually became a despised criminal. The fact Alina was tested and confirmed to have her soul spooked everyone enough to imprison her. Everyone is afraid that June's plight and criminal ways will surface in Alina, which justifies the imprisonment. And no one lets her forget it.
The day Alina escapes, she realises she might never find real freedom, because the man who orchestrated her release and helped get her off the island happens to be someone she's met before. He's also obsessed with June and wants Alina to lead him to all of June's secrets so he can continue her work.

But there are two other people along for the ride. And although Casey and Cameron obviously have their own reasons for busting her out, she might just be able to find allies in them.

Together, this small group is forced to run and hide because Alina is bound to be hunted down and thrown back on the island if anyone recognises her.

The concept of this book was intriguing. It questions the ethics of what can happen in a world where the soul becomes a weapon, used against the person who is unlucky enough to inherit one which used to belong to someone with criminal tendencies. Does evil echo into the new person? Are they bound to be corrupt, or continue what the previous soul began even if the soul is proven not to have a memory? These are all questions without definite answers, but still manage to keep an innocent girl imprisoned.

Soulprint is an entertaining story with a unique Sci-Fi take on reincarnation. It's a personal look at the unfortunate shadow cast on one girl's life because of something she had no control over. I enjoyed the pace and how Alina grows from a captive, sheltered teenager and into someone who might just be able to deal with the shocking truth.

Another great book by this talented author. :)

Soulprint, February 2015, ISBN 9781408855409, Bloomsbury Childrens

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