Wednesday 7 January 2015

KIA AND GIO by Daniel José Older

Kia and Gio: A Tor.Com OriginalKia and Gio: A Tor.Com Original by Daniel José Older
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another TOR.com short story set in the Bone Street Rumba world, so I was really looking forward to checking it out.

Kia is almost seventeen and she can't get her cousin Gio out of her head. The same cousin she adored, idolised and lost, is haunting her mind. She can't stop thinking about what happened the last time she saw him. The horrifying events are imprinted in her mind, and not just the unexplainable things she saw, but also what she figured out about him.

So when someone comes into work needing a 'reading', she finds herself seeing/feeling a lot more than she expected.

Loved this. It's another great written, dark story featuring horrid creatures. Daniel José Older sure knows how to get the creepy right. Like I've said before, I can't wait to read Half-Resurrection Blues!

You can read the story here: http://www.tor.com/stories/2015/01/ki...

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