Wednesday 7 January 2015

Tracking Sheets

I'm the kind of writer who likes to keep tallies. Whether I'm writing a first draft, revising, or editing I always set a goal date, which means setting smaller daily goals to get the project done by that certain date. I also write down how many words/pages I get done/through each day.

I usually do this by marking the amounts on a calendar I print up at the beginning of every year. But this makes it hard to keep a running total. So when I was reading through tweets early last year and someone retweeted a link to a spreadsheet an author had put together, I decided to check it out. And loved what I saw.

The very helpful author was Sidney Bristol.

I used Sidney's 2014 Tracking Sheets for every project I worked on last year.

Here are my totals:

If you want to take a closer look, click on the image and check it out.
I love how there's a tab for every month, as well as a summary breakdown of Monthly Total Words Written and Monthly Total Pages Edited. Turns out that during 2014 I wrote 217,197 words, and revised/edited 3,440 pages. Yikes! That's a lot of revision. LOL.
The spreadsheet I use is also the pretty version with monthly inspirational quotes, which I think is an awesome detail. Actually, the attention to detail in the whole thing is amazing. So the fact that Sidney is willing to share her hard work for free is a very kind gesture indeed.
I've downloaded the 2015 Tracking Sheets and have already started using them. If you click on this post, there's also an explanation attached.
This is a free resource that I found very handy last year, so I wanted to chat about it, and also share the link. If you decide to check it out and the tracking sheets work for you too, be sure to let Sidney know on her blog or on Twitter. Because like I said, it's really nice of her to offer this to everyone.
Happy writing!

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