Tuesday 4 March 2014

Hello, when will the sun come out?

As you can probably guess by my title, the weather has been horrible in Sydney lately. Actually, since Thursday night, it's pretty much been raining on and off. It's such a drag. The sun has teased us a few times, but it remains mostly hidden and I'm totally over it. I need some sunshine in my life. O_o
Anyway. Today, I have a headache. Or what I like to call the post-book blues. It's when I finalise a book, get it out the door and I feel a little lost afterwards. Even melancholy. I mean, it's super exciting to have gotten the book done and submitted, but I also miss it.
It's totally weird.
The book I'm talking about is Recast #4. I finalised the synopsis yesterday, checked it one last time and submitted it to my lovely editor. *bites nails*
Yeah, as soon as the story is out there waiting to be read by my editor, a new thing happens. I get to stress about whether she'll like it or not. LMAO. Being a writer is filled with all sorts of angst and worry, isn't it? ;)
That's why I need to get stuck into something else...
This week I need a tiny mental break. But I'm hoping to fill in the time with some reading (I'm SO behind on review books and my own TBR pile), writing a handful of guest blog posts, tidying up some of my wandering stationery, updating the Recast Series Bible, and maybe even brainstorming some of the projects I'd like to tackle this year. Exciting stuff!
OMG. Speaking of books, there was this TOTALLY INSANE 90% OFF sale going on at Kobo over the weekend, and I went nuts. NUTS, I tell you. I think I picked up almost 80 books! Yikes. It was awesome. I caught up on a bunch of series that I've fallen behind on.
As you know, I'm a huge reader and spend quite a bit of money buying paperbacks, Kindle books, and even Google Play books. Now I've added Kobo to the mix. I mean, I don't actually have a Kobo, but I have a Galaxy Note 3 so I can read my books on my phone. Like I said, AWESOME! :P
Well, lunchtime is sneaking up on me and I feel like I haven't done anything today. But that's okay, I'm not going to feel guilty over it. Not when I've been working my butt off during the last two weeks getting a story finished.
Have a great day!

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