Monday 9 December 2013

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I have to admit that when it comes to going anywhere near shopping centres in December, I get a blinding headache. It's nuts out there! o.O
We don't decorate the house, either. We actually threw away our X-mas tree earlier this year, and don't plan to replace it. I love this tree, though.

This picture is as Christmasy as our house is going to look this year. Which is fine with me. ;)
We're not religious, so we don't celebrate the Christian side of things. We don't have snow, so we don't have all that Winter Wonderland stuff. We prefer to spend the Holidays at home, doing our own thing. On Christmas Eve we'll probably watch The Nightmare Before Christmas, and on Christmas Day we'll have our annual STAR WARS Episode 4,5 & 6 Marathon. So we do have traditions, they're just our own. Plus hubby will have 5 continuous days off, which is AWESOME!
Anyway, enough about the Holidays.
Today, I spent most of the day making changes to my website. I've updated my SIERRA FOX SERIES page, and added a page for the RECAST SERIES. It was a lot of work, but also fun. My daughter helped me make some character dolls for a bunch of female characters in both series, so if you pop on over you can check them out. It's especially beneficial for the RECAST series, since the lovely boys are featured on the covers and you don't see the women. :)
I've also been catching up on some reading, losing myself in a bunch of my favourite UF series and also sampling some new ones. So far, so good.
Well, I better go and tackle a few more things off my to-do list.
Have a great day!

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