Friday 13 December 2013

DEAD MANN WALKING by Stefan Petrucha

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow. Just wow. This book was awesome! I'd been looking forward to reading it for a while now, but for some reason it kept getting lost in my bookshelf. But this week, I dug it out and got stuck into it. Glad that I did.

Hessius Mann is a PI. But not just an average PI, he also happens to be a zombie. He was executed for murdering his wife but when the verdict was overturned, he was reanimated. Now he's one of many chakz that live alongside the livebloods. And although he's got an office and even an assistant--the super positive ex-junkie, Misty--he doesn't get many clients. Until the day a man called Turgeon hires him to find someone. That's when Hessius starts an investigation that leads him to a whole lot of trouble, and quite a few personal revelations.

Like I said before, this was a great book! I love the urban fantasy world that Hessius and the other chakz live in. Not only do the living treat them like pariahs, but being a zombie means that you can lose your mind at any time. Anything can set you off, and before you know it you've gone feral and start acting like those pathetic movie zombies. ;)

Hessius is a very interesting character. I enjoyed spending time inside his head, seeing how easy it was for him to forget what he was thinking. How close he got to the abyss, and even how he dealt with overcoming some pretty brutal situations.

I loved this book! Now I've got to get my hands on the second one...

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