Friday 2 August 2013

Ducks, Plans & Clutter

The other day while walking over the bridge, I noticed there were a bunch of ducks in the river. So I took a photo, and then as I took the second shot, they all took off.
This is the photo, which I think turned out really nice. I especially like the little guy on the bottom left. So cute! I love taking photos of the river, trees, and the copious birdlife in the area.
So, this week has been a little strange but good.
July has blended into August (my gosh, I can't believe we're on the downward end of the year) and I've been taking a bit of a breather. Had a few feeling-wonky days, and a lot of my-head-is-cluttered-with-story-stuff days too. That brings on headaches, but I think the mental holiday I planned for this week is helping me get things into some sort of order. It's hard when my head gets clogged with story ideas, snippets, and stories trying to claw their way out.
Although it did help shape Recast #4 into a pretty solid story inside my head. :D
And yesterday I put together a very rough plan for the rest of the year, in which I slotted writing the first draft of Recast #4, and completing second & third draft revisions of Sierra Fox #5. I can't control when edits hit, but I can always shuffle things around when they do. I enjoy the editing process because it always puts the story into total perspective. Plus by then I've usually had enough distance from the story to notice anything that stands out.
Anyway. I like having some sort of plan. And I like putting together to-do lists, too. It helps keep me focused, otherwise I try to tackle a hundred things at once. o_O
Okay, I think that's enough writing talk for one day. The weekend is just around the corner, but I intend to get stuck into one of my projects next week.
See ya!

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