Wednesday 31 July 2013


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This book was just as much FUN as the first one. I'm really loving this series. So much that it's fast becoming one of my fave UF series! And the covers are SO cute. Love 'em.

Zoey is a wedding planner, but she's also recently discovered that she's an empath, and her house has become a safe haven for monsters in need. She's dating a reaper--Riley--who refused to take her soul twice. Now, he's on probation, which means she's also been marked with bad luck and must survive the trial.

But of course that's not the only trouble she has to face. There's the Leprechaun Mafia--LMAO, I loved this--hassling supernatural humans and spreading all sorts of bad luck around town. And Maurice the closet monster leaves to reconcile with his estranged wife. An obnoxious, inconsiderate pooka decides to stay while Maurice is absent. Her best friend and business partner also becomes involved in all this trouble, making it impossible to keep the lies going. And of course there's Art--Riley's boss and pen-clicking enemy #1.

OMG. This book, like the ones before it, was a total blast to read. It hooked me into Zoey's world instantly. It's funny, interesting, intriguing, and even dark in some places. There were some downright sad moments too... Poor Milo. :( But some really cool moments... Sara! ;)

Oh, and the worldbuilding keeps getting better as the world expands and Zoey starts to realise what she really is and how she fits into this Hidden world.

I've already got the next book on pre-order. Can't wait!

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