Saturday 3 August 2013


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This week I received Kitty's 12th book, so I wanted to catch up with her. And of course, this is one of my fave UF series. :)

Kitty, Ben, and Cormac head to London so that Kitty can speak at the First International Conference on Paranatural Studies. But wherever she goes, so does trouble. It starts with something simple and harmless--Luis, the attractive Brazilian were-jaguar flirting with her--but ends with plenty of struggles, and more of a glimpse into just how dark and serious the Long Game is.

She also meets a few more allies: Ned, the Master vampire of London, and Caleb, the werewolf alpha of the British Isles. It was so cool to meet these two and I found them fascinating. I hope they pop back into the series. Cormac's ghostly passenger, Amelia, also gets a chance to go back home and meets some of her ancestors. I really want to read more about how Cormac was possessed by this ghost. Oh, and what about those creepy faeries? Yikes.

I really enjoyed this book! It's another interesting instalment that puts Kitty into the middle of the stirring war and even puts her credibility on the line. I can't wait to see where it leads...

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