Tuesday 4 September 2012


No one would ever forget the night the carnival came to town.

Vincent Carlson used to have a good life. He lived on a small farm in Doverton, Wisconsin, with his loving teenage daughter, Leanne. His biggest worries were tending his corn crop and being a good dad to Leanne. But that was before the seedy little carnival came to town, bringing with them the tiny humanoid creatures called “Haunchies”. For Vincent Carlson—and the whole town of Doverton—that was the night everything changed.
Since I got my Samsung Galaxy Note last week, and added the Android Kindle app, I've been loading a bunch of my shorter stories and anthologies to it. And it's quite handy.

This is the latest story I read, which was a freebie from Samhain. It's quite a creepy tale about a man who is waiting for his teenage daughter to come home from the carnival, and instead finds his house invaded by some very scary, little guys.

It's a shortie, but very well written. The tension was pretty thick too, and it's darn spooky at times. I also liked the old-style horror feeling it had to it.

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