Tuesday 4 September 2012

PAINLESS (A Theo Kane Story) by Naomi Clark

Theo Kane is a professional thief with an unique talent - she doesn't feel pain. Usually that's enough to give her the edge she needs to get any job done. But her latest job has her out of her depth and fighting for her life. Caught between two dangerous - and angry - crime bosses, Theo is racing against time to save her skin. Just because she doesn't feel pain, doesn't mean she can't be hurt.
This is another story I read on my Samsung Galaxy Note, and it was an excellent one! I was hooked into this world from the very beginning and liked Theo instantly.

The story starts with a bang, or should I say a smack? Seriously, Theo might not be able to feel pain but her body is still hurt by whatever injury is inflicted on her. And there are quite a few bashings. The poor girl doesn't get a break, after she's tricked several times in one week.

I loved the concept of the Launen and the ghetto they live in. The Launen are "telepaths, empaths, and other freaks..." which was intriguing. I thought this was a great self-contained short story and would totally love to read a longer piece featuring Theo Kane. :)

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