Thursday 13 September 2012

IN THE DEAD: Volume 1 by Jesse Petersen

When the Zombie Apocalypse began in Seattle and spread within days to almost the entire western half the country, the survivors had to figure out how to deal with the plague and live one day at a time. These are their stories.

If you liked Jesse Petersen's zombie comedies
Married With Zombies, Flip This Zombie and Eat Slay Love, these nine stories are set in the same world, but from the perspective of other survivors.

This is a spin-off anthology of short stories set in the same (zombie-infested) world as the Living with the Dead Trilogy, so I was eager to read it...

These are the stories:

BONEWRECKER 2: Zander is so busy playing his brand new game that the zombie apocalypse hits and he doesn't even realise it. Actually, the only reason he notices is because he can't log online to play against other gamers. LMAO. I love the concept!
Yeah, this was a fun, little story about a trio of unlikely survivors trying to get out of their apartment block before the bad things that happens to most characters in zombie games and movies, doesn't happen to them. Cool.

COMPANY'S HERE: Wow. This was an interesting and heartbreaking story about a couple who are on the run from real life problems and are living in a holiday cottage by the sea. Except, the day someone decides to drop in, it happens to be a zombie.

I really enjoyed Nadia and Randy's story, even though it's very sad. :(

THE TREEHOUSE: Brings two unlikely companions together and on the road, travelling through the US. Though when Robin and Carl find a feral child, they pick up another travelling companion.

PROPERTY LINES: OMG. This story cracked me up! Two neighbours who are constantly fighting over their property lines wind up having to work together in order to survive the sudden zombie apocalypse. This was a good one.

'TIL DEATH: This turned out to be a really cute story.

I CALL IT LOST WAGES: What a clever title! Two unlikely companions are travelling the country in search of a safe place to live, instead they wind up finding a bunch of kids with no real instincts in survival.

THEY'RE THE LIONS NOW: This one's a bit of a futuristic tale because it actually takes place after the Outbreak has been contained and a pair of zombies are the latest exhibit in the zoo. Two brothers go along to check them out, and instead wind up running for their lives.

What I loved about this story was the human stupidity of it all. It's just like humans to think they can spend a fortune acquiring two zombies to make money off them, and not think there'll ever be any danger of infection. Unbelievably stupid, yet I could see it happening. People can be so stupid, sometimes.

MR. McGYVER: Nice story about two very young, but brave sisters surviving in the new landscape of a post-apocalyptic world. The day they cross paths with 'Mr. McGyver', their life changes a lot more than they thought it would.

REALITY BITES: This is an effed up story about a zombie-style reality show. It captures all the worst bits of reality TV, that's for sure. :/

Overall, they were a great bunch of short stories. Some were better than others, but they were all a lot of fun and expanded on the frightening zombie world that Jesse Petersen introduced us to in the Living with the Dead Trilogy.

Though I have to admit that there was one thing missing... no, two things: Sarah and David. ;)

(It did have a few typos here and there, but it certainly didn't distract me from any of the stories.)  

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