Tuesday 3 April 2012

THE WALKING DEAD, Vol.7: The Calm Before by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

In this latest installment of the series that shows what happens "after" a zombie movie ends, a major turning point has been reached as Loris pregnancy comes to term and the birth is near. After everything they've been through, nothing can prepare Rick and the other survivors for what they are about to experience.

The seventh volume of The Walking Dead includes issues 37-42, and OMG... things just keep getting worse.

Well, there are some positive things going on--Maggie and Glenn's relationship, the relatively easy birth of Judith, the fact they're pretty safe living in the prison--but shit, there are a lot of bad things still happening. Sometimes, I can't believe the stuff that is going on. My gosh. It's so shocking and unexpected. No one's safe.

And I have to admit that as soon as I got to the end, I was disgusted to see who is returning to the series. Damn that asshole!

I'm totally hooked on this series.

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