Monday 14 November 2011

Welcome, to yet another week...

Firstly, let me start by saying that on Friday I did manage to meet my goals. I got the final round of edits for RELENTLESS done and emailed about an hour before hubby was due to get home. So, yay!

It meant that I started the weekend with a sigh of relief, because I managed to get two pretty big things off my to-do list. But I was really tired and didn't pick up any book/s to read. Instead, my head was swamped with taking final notes for the Recast world, as well as getting everything ready for the Sierra Fox #2 second draft revision. Which I started this morning. I got the first chapter revised already. Phew.

I like getting an early start...

This revision is going to take me a little longer than Recast #3 did, because it's a 91k+ novel. I've allocated two weeks (ten working days) to get it done. If I can get 23pgs done every single day, I'll be able to have it finished by next Friday afternoon. Then...I can look forward to taking a week off after that, before throwing myself right into the third draft of this novel.

Yeah, I've got a (very) tight schedule from now until the end of December. I'm trying to get the second Sierra Fox novel finished and emailed to my lovely editor before the end of this year. Mainly it's because I really want to start 2012 with a clean slate of projects, but I'd also like to have this done before my daughter has summer school holidays from mid-December to late-January. Yeah, it's a long one, lol.

Anyway. Asides from more revision, that's pretty much all I'll be devoting most of my writing time to. There are, of course, many real life things that need to be tackled as well. Like spring cleaning. OMGosh. We spent a lot of the weekend going through my daughter's room. Yikes! We've managed to recycle a lot of stuff, but also had to throw a little bit away. :/

The spring cleaning is nowhere near done yet, btw.

Okay. Gotta get breakfast for my daughter now! See ya.

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