Thursday 10 November 2011

Good morning!

How are you today? I'm good, but still swamped with work. lol.

Yesterday ended up being very productive! I actually got to the end of the story before hubby got home and we headed out to do some grocery shopping. Yay.

The word count ended up rising a bit--to 50,697--and the page count hit 119 pages. It's all good. There were things that needed to be fixed and added. And trust me, I actually deleted quite a bit as well.

I'm very excited about getting to the end... but I'm not actually finished yet. That's what I'm hoping to do today.

I just wrote the first draft for both the synopsis and blurb. They're both very rough and need a little more work, but it's good for now. I'll be taking a look at them later on in the day. But before finalising them, I need to grab all of my notes and post-its to make sure I've addressed everything. As I was working on the third draft, I filled several post-its with questions and tidbits that I needed to double check at the end. So I'll be taking care of them too.

Then, I'll be finished. I'd really love to get this done by the end of today. So, fingers crossed.

I was planning to take Friday off, as a reward for getting this story's revision finished more than a month before my self-imposed deadline, but I received the errata stage edits for RELENTLESS yesterday afternoon. :/ So, I've decided to spend tomorrow doing them. It's 47 pages worth of edits, so I should be able to do it...

If I can get the last round of edits and finalise Recast #3 before the weekend, I will be a very happy writer. :D <----see, me being happy. LOL.

I'm really looking forward to rewarding myself with some overdue reading.

Well, catch'a!

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