Wednesday 9 November 2011

Still moving along...

Yeah, the revision's going well. But first, how awesome is this cat? Seriously. Wow!

Anyway. Yesterday's chunk o' revision got me to page 70/117, and I was aiming for 50/117. So, cool! It turned out to be a super productive day. I swear, the word count kept going up and down, I even lost a page at one stage and it went down to 116, before it went back to 117. LOL. I actually ended up cutting a lot of useless words. And even had time to address several issues I needed to look into--which were on post-it notes.

I was super happy with the progress, and hope to continue the same pace today. :)

I'm also extremely happy with the story. At the moment. Trying not to let the self-doubt affect what is actually turning out to be quite an interesting revision. I'm really enjoying it! And if I keep going at this very cool pace, I might even have time to write the synopsis and blurb at the end of the week. Fingers crossed.

Oh, before I forget, one of my publishers has a new anthology call. You can check it out here. I've been toying with writing something for this one... I just need to figure out a way to fit it into my very tight schedule. Which could be a prob. O_o

Y'know, the only downside to getting SO caught up with my own stories is that I haven't had a chance to read all week (and most of last week). Still, once I finish this draft I'll be sure to reward myself with a book to read. I love 'em kind of rewards. :)

Well, off I go. Have a great day!

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