Tuesday 8 November 2011

The revision continues...

I spent most of the day revising yesterday, and managed to get 30/117 pages revised. Not a bad start. I found a bit of repetition, deleted some things that didn't add anything to the story, moved stuff around, have already strengthened a bunch of things, and even managed to cut about 200 words.

Very excited about the way the story's shaping up. 

I'm hoping to get another 30pgs done today. :) Halfway mark, here I come!

Last night, I grabbed my calendar and pretty much allocated writing stuff for the rest of the year. :/ This week, I'm working on Recast #3. The next two weeks I will spend working on the second draft of Sierra Fox #2. That means I can then take the last week of this month (which also happens to be the first week of next month) off. Before hitting the third draft of Sierra Fox #2 beginning/mid December. Phew!

My goal is to have these two stories revised and submitted to my editor before the end of the year. It means I'm going to be super busy, but that's fine. I love these two stories and the series they each belong to. Oh, and it also means that I can start 2012 with a clean slate and start allocating some new writing. Yay. Awesome!

Of course, whenever I make tight plans that fit so well together, something arrives to throw it offline. lmao. We'll see what happens, huh? ;)

But for now, I've got a story to get stuck into... See ya later!

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