Monday 26 September 2011


Vampires, and werewolves, and demons, oh my.

Rhiannon thought facing off against a deranged child vampire was the most dangerous task she would ever have to undertake, but she's about to discover making a deal with a demon is far, far worse. Sent forward into another reality, one in which vampires are now dominating nearly extinct humans, she realizes the sooner she returns to her vampire lover, Disco, the better.

Unfortunately, time changes a lot of things, including those most trusted around her. When she's faced with a loss and betrayal unlike any she has ever known, her focus shifts from severing the debt between the demon that wants to kill her, to exacting a revenge that will bring forth consequences she never could have fathomed. By reaching out to the darkness lingering within her, she'll find the strength to push forward despite the circumstances that would see her dead and buried.

After all, when it's all said and done, all that she has left to lose is her soul.

This is the second book in the Rhiannon's Law series, and after reading the first one, I couldn't wait to get stuck into it. And it didn't disappoint. It did, however, take an unexpected turn that changes everything and kept me guessing right until the end.

After making a deal with a demon that she thought would actually help Disco, Rhiannon is sent 101 years into the future. She finds herself in a very different reality, in a world that is nothing like the one she knows. The vampires are running the nights, and werewolves are forming a rebellion to rival them. And when Rhiannon captures the attention of a werewolf called Carter, she's taken to their compound and finds herself in a new world of trouble.

All she wants to do is get back to her real time, to escape this shitty world where her rules don't exactly fit and Disco doesn't exist. However, before she can do that she needs to set a few things right and also finds herself in a very different relationship with the vampire Paine. Suddenly, trying to find a way back doesn't seem as impossible as what will happen when she returns and once again risks changing the path of destiny. Not just for herself, but for everyone around her...

Wow. This book was seriously awesome. It's very different from the first one and is a gritty mix of futuristic, with a good dose of urban fantasy. Not only is the story complex and kept me hanging until everything was revealed--because there are several layers, twists and turns, as well as a case of 'things aren't always what they seem'--but the emotional depth was incredible. Poor Rhiannon goes through some huge ups and downs. She also finds out a lot about herself, as she's forced to adjust to a reality nothing like her own.

This series is shaping up to be quite an interesting rollercoaster ride, and I can't wait to see where it's going to lead next for Rhiannon, Disco, Paine, and Goose. I know a lot of what happened in this installment will have huge repercussions for future books, and I can't wait...

H&UFRC books read: 45/24

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