Wednesday 28 September 2011

MIA for a few days...

Yeah. Sometimes, time slips away before I get a chance to blog. :/

This week's going pretty fast. This is the third day of my daughter's first week of school holidays. So far, hubby's been coming home early, so we've been doing stuff together. Which is super cool. Today, however, I think he's going back to working the whole day. I think it might be that way for the rest of the week.

I've been squeezing in as much writing as I can every morning, which means getting stuck into it pretty early. Of course, some mornings I get started later than others (like today, because I do yoga every second day) but as long as I can squeeze out 3-4k words every single day... that's very good progress for having my daughter at home with me 24/7.

My WIP (Recast #3) is now up to 24,145 words. That's where I got to yesterday. After I add new words today, I'm hoping to have crossed the 27k mark. Fingers crossed.

I did sit down the other day and pretty much brainstormed--very loosely--how the story's going to go from here, until the end. So I've got my trusty notes in front of me every morning. A few paragraphs usually ends up being several chapters worth of story. :D Cool. I never capture the nitty-gritty, tension, or emotion in my notes, just a general overview. But that's okay, because that comes to me when I'm in the zone. ;)

Think it's also time I sit down with my calendar, and mark the rest of the year with my goals.

I have two main goals I want to get done by the end of December. I also have the final round of edits for Sinful waiting to be tackled (probably next week) and I'm sure some other edits will drop in before then. Oh, and let's not forget about NaNoWriMo... which I wasn't going to take part in this year because of all the revision I want to get done. But, well, after doing it every single year since 2006, I think I'd still (somehow) like to squeeze it in.

We'll see.

Okay, time to get on with the writing...

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