Friday 23 September 2011

Plans & planning

We are officially all caught up with Burn Notice. Yay! I can't wait to see what happens next. This is such a great show! 

So, what else have I been doing? Well, I've been hard at work on Recast #3. Every chance I got, I added new words. I just crossed the 15k mark this morning, and am hoping to add a little more before hubby gets home. He leaves work early today, so I don't have as much writing time as I would if he worked the whole day... still, it's always awesome to start the weekend early with him. Love it. Especially since Sunday is our 12th year Anniversary. :) Awesome.  

As far as writing my current WIP, it's going to be bit of a challenge getting the first draft written with any real goal in mind. It's my daughter's last day of school before she goes on holidays for two weeks, and I intend to keep adding to the story while she's on holidays. Something I haven't tried to do in a while. I usually work on revision and/or edits while she's home because it's easier than writing something new, but I've set myself some goals that I want to meet before the end of this year and to achieve them, I need to be working on this story now.

So, the best way to tackle it is by just adding words whenever I can. As I've been doing this week. I missed out on Monday writing, but worked on it the rest of the week. Today, the closest I can get to 20k, the better. That'll take me to the (almost) halfway mark. Which is super cool!

Anyway. I'll see how I go.

Now, I'm going to sign out. Have an awesome weekend!

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