Friday 2 September 2011


Last night, I was sitting on the end of my bed reading with the kitty sitting beside me, when it suddenly felt like something had gotten in my eye. I assumed it was an eyelash, because I often have one of my thick eyelashes falling into my eye and then struggle to get it out. This time, I couldn't find an eyelash, but had a hard time opening my eye.

In the end, the outer side of my right eye still hurts. It almost feels like something's stuck in it, but since I can't see anything I think I might've scratched my eyeball when I was trying to get whatever was stuck in there out. Now, it hurts when I blink, when my eye is open, and when it's closed. It's nowhere near as bad as it was last night, but very annoying. While I was sleeping, it kept watering and continuously woke me up when the tears tickled my other eyelid, nose, or face.

This is very annoying! I've put drops in there and am hoping that it heals on its own. I really don't want to go to the doctor about this, but if it doesn't fade away soon, I'll have no choice. Boo!

Anyway. I better stop rubbing it, that's for sure. O_o

Oh, remember the ordering issue I posted about yesterday. Well, I was pleasantly surprised when someone actually called me back to hear my story, apologise, and offer a solution in a way that customer service should. I was very happy to hear from them. All we wanted was some empathy, and not feel as if we were being ignored. That's now been done!

Well, what else? Not much, really. I've been taking it easy and started to fill out my Sierra Fox World Notebook. Today, I need to do some calculations for it. It's funny, but when you start doing something like this, you really get caught up in the world and seek to answer everything you can about it. I love that!

Okay. Have a great weekend!

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