Thursday 1 September 2011

Some Things are very Frustrating...

Haven't had a chance to blog the last few days. To be honest, hubby and I were going through a very frustrating time. I'll keep it brief, because I'm trying to forget about what happened, and how some companies don't give a crap about their customers. :/

/start rant

Last Thursday, we ordered this from here. This was done online. We were both excited about getting this. Monday, comes and goes. Tuesday, we're waiting for it and make sure not to leave the house. No one comes. I go downstairs in early afternoon and find a slip in there from the courier. WTF? The delivery person didn't even TRY to knock on our door. And the slip he left was blank. Had no idea what he'd done. After many calls, no one knew where it was or wanted to help. Seriously, this is really bad customer sercive. No, scrap that: no customer service whatsoever.

We went to bed that night not knowing what had happened, or where the package was. And in fact, didn't get an email from the courier until yesterday afternoon!! On top of everything else, the courier idiot took it to the wrong post office.

In the end, we picked it up and finally have it... but this was shockingly bad service. The fact no one wanted to help or even empathise with the problem really pissed me off. We continually hear Australian retailers crying about online overseas companies taking their business. It's no wonder! When there's no level of customer service in your own country and the prices aren't competitive, what other choice do we have?

Personally, we'll never buy anything from this company again--online, or otherwise. And if we find out this courier service is doing the delivery for another place, definitely will not order anything from them either.

Think I'll keep ordering from U.K. and U.S. sites, thank you very much.

Anyway. I just wanted to purge this from my system.

/end rant

Asides from this drama, nothing much has been going on. The week's flying by and I've started putting my Sierra Fox notes together in one notebook. Whenever I write a novel, I end up with a bunch of post-it notes and notepad papers with stuff on them. lol. Time to put everything into one place, so it's all ready when I start revision.

Oh, I've also caught up on some reviews, and am now trying to decide what book to read next--it's a toss up between three UF books. They're all the first in a series, and after reading the first chapter, all sound very interesting indeed!

Well. That's it for today. Have a good day!

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