Friday 9 September 2011

I need an umbrella today

Well, the rain held out all of yesterday, but it's here today. :(

We had to buy a new fridge last night. Yeah, it seems like all of our appliances are dying this year. To be fair, though, we've had this fridge since we moved in here... and that was almost 13 years ago. So it did last for ages!

The last week it's been making funny noises, so we decided it was better to buy a new fridge now. Instead of waiting until it breaks down completely and we have to rush around looking for one and letting food spoil. It's best this way. It'll be delivered tomorrow.

What can you do? Did I mention that our LCD TV broke about 4 weeks ago? Yeah. The technician guy came to take a look and said it was serious... fast-forward 4 weeks, and we got a replacement TV. Awesome. It's a Samsung 40" Smart 3DTV LCD/LED. It's very cool. Hubby loves it. And I was really starting to miss our TV. So this worked out way better. Thank you, Extended Warranty! ;)

Today's turning out to be a strange day. I don't have anything planned, not really. Well, except for patching up some jeans I've been meaning to fix for months, and making Loki a new cushion for his bed. I got these things done this morning, so I'm glad.

Next, I'm going to have some lunch. Then, I'll probably either read for a bit, or add more notes to Sierra Fox's notebook. Next week, I begin planning and getting into my next writing project...

Have a great weekend!

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