Monday 12 September 2011

Spring Cleaning


Every year, around this time, I get the itch to start 'sorting' through... things. My bookshelves get reorganised, my writing stuff gets shuffled and filed in a different way, we go through the kitchen, living room, and anywhere else that might need attention. Then we decide what we no longer need--whether it be rubbish, recycling, or things to donate somewhere.

Over the weekend, we went through our bills, warranty paperwork, etc. After getting so many new appliances this year, some of the paperwork had become obsolete. While new stuff needed to be filed, and some of the other, older stuff archived. It's a cool system. And as a result, we got rid of a HEAP of recycling.

I think we just about filled one whole recycling bin downstairs, lol.

Oh, and we got our new fridge delivered nice and early on Saturday morning. It's really cool, and doesn't make the strange noises the other one did. The delivery guys even took the old one away. Awesome. Thanks Bing Lee! :)

Let's hope every other appliance behaves for a while longer, huh?

So. It looks like this week might turn out to be a bit of a mixed bag of things to do. I'd like to: continue adding things to Sierra Fox's notebook, sort out my other series & writing folders, sort through my bookshelves again, remove the clutter I have around the computer desk, and keep reading THE BROKEN ONES. I'm almost halfway through, and I'm really enjoying it. Also, if the last round of edits of SINFUL hits my Inbox, I'll probably get stuck into them.

We'll see what pops up.

Before I go, I just wanted to take a moment to say: Ten years later, and the sadness of what happened still affects me deeply. My heart goes out to all the victims & their families... I took several moments yesterday to think about the people who were affected by this horrible event. It might have happened ten years ago and I might not personally know anyone who died that day, but my heart still broke when it happened. It still breaks now, whenever I see/hear it mentioned. And for that reason, I didn't watch any of the documentaries on TV about it. I just couldn't. :(

See you tomorrow.

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