Monday 27 June 2011

Four more days...

This week is a short school week for my daughter. She finishes up on Thursday and doesn't go back until July 18. Which means she'll be home with me during my birthday next month, lol. (She keeps reminding me.)

And this afternoon, after school, we've got our parent-teacher interview. After reading her report card--which was great--I expect everything to go well. :)

She was a little sick over the weekend. Don't know why, but she had a fever most of Saturday. At least she got a chance to recover from it yesterday. I hate it when she's sick. She's a very cute sick girl. As in, she becomes a total darling who listens to everything I say. She's adorable, and I'm super glad that she's okay now.

So, what am I going to do this week? Well, I've decided to make a few name changes to Alex Wales #2, so I'd like to take care of that this morning. I'm reading this very awesome book on my Kindle, and hope to catch up on a little more reading. I also want to get all my notes for the Recast and Sierra Fox series together. I want to refresh my memory with everything, because I'd like to write the next books in each series--Recast #3, Sierra Fox #2--this year.

Insane? I know, but there's plenty of time... right? ;)

I'm heading into a bits-and-pieces week. Cool!

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