Wednesday 29 June 2011

VENGEANCE MOON by Savannah Jordan

Revenge is a bitch, and Sariah is her biggest competition.

The name is Sariah DuShayne. I’m a real-life monster hell-bent on revenge. Five years ago, Xander Waithorn had the balls to move to my city and start spreading his werewolf virus. The bastard made me and I plan to use my hybrid DNA to change at will and get my revenge.

I should’ve known better than to hunt him on a full moon, but some days my vendetta gets the best of me. Hormones and Were senses raging, I accidentally ravaged some mouthy humans in a back alley. Werecat and personal stalker Stephan Colinford witnessed the entire fiasco and developed the crazy idea he could derail my path of vengeance. Talk about the cat calling the wolf a canine—Stephan has less control over his powers than I do. Then we met at his cage fight, and I couldn’t help surrender my soft curves to his hard body.

Somehow, Stephan thought love would change everything, but he’s wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to punish Xander and his pack of lap dogs. After Xander’s hell of a werewolf-a-palooza concert, blood and fire will reign. If Death and Hell won’t have me, my only prayer is Stephan will…

Warning: This title contains a hero who can sweep you off your feet, cage sex hot enough to make you sweat and a heroine tough enough to rip your throat out.

If you're looking for a gritty, violent, and sensual urban fantasy book to sink your teeth into, look no further. This is what you need right here! :)

Sariah's a hybrid werewolf with revenge on her mind. She wants to make the bastard who made her into this monster pay, and decides to do it strategically. But by killing his pack off one by one, she also gets into some pretty violent situations with humans--which she calls Pinks.

When you first meet her, Sariah comes across as a hard-as-nails predator with nothing but vengeance on her mind, but she's so much more. As the story moves along, we actually see how generous she is. She has a big heart, and has opened her house up to women in need.

What she didn't know was that someone was watching her every move from the shadows, but he isn't doing it because he wants to attack her. No, Stephan's drawn to Sariah. In spite of her murderous ways. He can see past all that.

Stephan--The Saint--is a tough MMA fighter. He's awesome in the cage and has big dreams of getting to the top of his sport, but getting involved with Sariah not only occupies his mind, soul, and heart but also awakens the Werecat inside him. Not to mention makes him a target for a backstabbing, scheming werewolf who's got plans of his own.

I had a blast with this book! Seriously. Not only did it appeal to my love for the urban fantasy, shifter, and supernatural genres, but it also thrust me into the middle of the MMA world. With cage fights that are so awesomely written I felt like I was watching an actual UFC fight. I got a kick out of all the references, too. Randy Couture, anyone? ;)

The story is told in the first-person POV of Sariah, so we get deep into her world and realise that although she comes across as a total, hardcore bitch, she really is a whole lot more. She cares for girls who end up in a situation similar to hers, and cares deeply for Stephan. We also get insight into Stephan via his pasionate third-person POV--which was cool--and that of the villain. It makes for a very well-rounded story.

I loved it, and the last bit of the book left me breathless because it was non-stop action until the very end. What a great story!

H&UFRC books read: 30/24

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