Tuesday 19 October 2010


No matter how many times it happens, I'm still surprised when one day it can be warm and super sunny all day. Then the next, you wake up and it's raining. :/

That's exactly what happened this morning, lol.

I have to admit that although I don't mind walking in the rain, I hate that I have to wear a raincoat and hold an umbrella. Yeah, I'm just bitching about the weather. ;) Maybe it'll clear up later. Who knows? This spring is turning out to be a little wonky, so far.

Well, those two interviews that I wanted to have done by yesterday are now done & emailed in. Of course, I only got one finished yesterday, but I got the other proofread (and done) this morning, so now I'm free to move onto something else. And, um, just looking at the calendar on the desk, I just realised that October's closing in on me, and I still haven't made a decision about NaNoWriMo.

Other writers are already starting to register, and here I am, still undecided. :/ I think I should make it a priority this week, weigh out all the options. I mean, can I afford to lose a day here and there during November if I have to put NaNo aside to concentrate on edits? Hmmm. Like I said, there are things to think about, that's for sure.

Oh, and I'm halfway through the book I'm currently reading, plus have some other reviews I need to catch up on, too. So many things to do, uh?

Have a good day!

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