Friday 13 August 2010

Not feeling 100% today...

...I guess it's my turn to feel like crap. lol. *sneeze, wipe, cough, curse, and repeat* 

That's okay. The weekend's just around the corner. And it looks like we'll be having a quiet one. Actually, asides from going for a daily walk, I'd like to do a lot of nothing else. Okay, maybe I want to do a little reading and a little watching. And if my throat's not too bad, I think we need to get some Rock Band going. ;) Haven't played it for so long.

So I haven't got too much planned for today. I'd like to drop my daughter off at school, go for a walk by the river, get back and take care of a few things that aren't writing related, while thinking about my plans for the next few weeks. There are two main things that I'd like to finish up by mid-September: Trina novella revision (which is actually due 15/9), and a Sci-Fi rewrite that I'd like to have ready for another editor very soon.

Of course, there are a LOT of other things that I want to do but I really need to sit down and put together some sort of schedule. It just makes it hard when things pop up out of nowhere sometimes... mainly delivered by my muse. lmao.

Before I go, you know what I noticed yesterday? That SHADE OF GREY is sitting at #4 on the Best Sellers for Eternal Press/Damnation Books LLC. How cool and awesome is that? Very exciting stuff. :)

Time to get going...

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