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Cammie Morgan has a cover for every occasion. Being a spy-in-training, aliases, phony passports and fake IDs are a means of survival. But what happens when the ghosts of her past see through her flawless facade?

This semester, Cammie continues to flirt with danger at Gallagher Academy. When a national political convention turns into a trap, Cammie is forced to lose her cover to save her best friend, Macey a major political target from being kidnapped. But are the kidnappers political extremists or something more sinister? And why has Zach, Cammie s mysterious (and totally hot) crush, suddenly returned?

With the help of a glamorous ex-Gallagher Girl, Cammie and her friends are determined to hunt down the group that threatens to tear their secret sisterhood apart. This time it’s personal.

This is the third book in the very awesome Gallagher Girls series.

Cammie's almost ready to start her junior year at the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women, but first she's meeting one of her best friends, Macey, in Boston. Macey's father, Senator McHenry, is at a national political convention to accept the vice presidential nomination, so Macey has to make an appearance with her parents. And Cammie finds herself being escorted by Secret Service agents watching Macey and her family.

Just like Cammie, Macey's good at keeping her cover intact, but when the two end up on the roof of the building and a bunch of masked men attack them, they both have to break that cover in order to make it out alive. Which includes making sure that Preston (the son of Governor Winters) is also out of harm's way.

These people are after Macey, and want to take her for some reason. Luckily, Cammie gets them out of there quick smart. Only they both suffer injuries that go beyond the physical. After waking up with a concussion, Cammie finds that the experience has changed Macey. It's also affected her because she can't get it out of her head. And remembering the emblem on the ring one of the attackers was wearing has her mind racing, because she's sure she's seen it somewhere before.

When school starts and Macey returns too, she's given a personal bodyguard--Cammie's aunt, Abby. All of a sudden, life isn't as much fun anymore and Cammie's got a lot to think over and worry about. So many things don't add up and she's sure that her mother, aunt, and Mr. Solomon are once again keeping secrets from her. Just like Zach is. He keeps appearing out of nowhere, always warning her to stay out of the way and 'be careful'. If only the spy in him would stop talking, and the boy in him would hurry up and tell her where they stand.

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover is another excellent addition to this wonderful, engrossing series. Although there's still a nice level of fun and spy jargon, as well as the close friendships between Cammie, Bex, Liz, and Macey, there's also a more serious edge to this installment. Which is actually awesome because the older Cammie gets, the more serious things are bound to get. Especially when the truth comes out at the end of this book and a new threat is revealed. One that involves Cammie.

This is fast becoming one my fave series.

Like I did for the other two, I'm going to end this review with one of my favourite lines in this book:
"...as a girl, that's a good reason, and as a spy, it meant he wasn't conspiring to commit high treason."
Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover: The Gallagher Girls #3, May 2009, ISBN 9780734410818, Lothian Children's Books

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