Thursday 12 August 2010

Just, y'know, stuff...

You know what I keep forgetting to mention? That I now have an Author Page at Amazon. Yay! :)

My gosh, I've been listening to Adam Lambert a lot lately. A lot.

Thanks to Michele Hauf, who posts one of his pics every Tuesday, I started getting curious. And now I can't stop listening to his album. It's so catchy, so very cool, and even inspiring. Yep. His song Sleepwalker has already helped add more spark to a WIP. It was a story that I happened to be thinking about when that song started on my MP3 player. And when I started listening, it just helped with other facets of the story. So very cool.

Yesterday turned out to be a very productive day: I finished the second round of edits for my upcoming novella, DAMAGED. Then I subbed three connected short stories to the Static Movement Ghosts and Demons Anthology. And they all got accepted. So very excited about this.

They're all set in the same world as a novel I wrote several years ago, and now intend to add to my website as a FREE READ. Actually, this morning I've been formatting it so that when the Ghosts and Demons antho is released I can add it. It's an idea that struck me while I was walking yesterday morning. Man, I love going for walks. I've had some pretty cool things strike out of nowhere while I'm walking.

I think I'll just take it easy today. My daughter's school's got an open classroom thing going on this afternoon and she wants me to pop in. That means I need to leave a little earlier than I usually do. That's okay.

Well, have a nice day!


Crystal-Rain Love said...

I love how a song can influence your writing. I was once writing a cute, humorous chick-litty story and David Cook's cover of "Creep" came on. The story changed into a darker paranormal and the hero changed personality totally. That story is on the backburner because of deadlines with others, but whenever I go back to it I have to listen to David Cook's pre-Idol stuff to get in the zone. (-;

I've made soundtracks to books before while writing them. It really helps you stay focused and "feel" the story.

Yolanda Sfetsos said...

Hey Crystal! You're so right, and I love it when that happens. Putting soundtracks together for books is a lot of fun, too. :)

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