Saturday 21 August 2010

Books 1, 2, 3 in the Psy-Changeling Series

Dive into a world torn apart by a powerful race with phenomenal powers of the mind...and none of the heart...

Since I read these one after the other, I thought it might be cool to write smaller reviews. That way I won't be giving anything away and won't rave on for ages about each one. :)

Book 1, SLAVE TO SENSATION: Sascha Duncan is a psy, but she's having a bit of trouble finding her way in the very cold and emotionless world she lives in. She's not supposed to feel emotion, but she does, and tries very hard to keep her shields intact and concealed from others. However, when she becomes involved in a business deal that brings her close to a changeling called Lucas Hunter and others of his kind, it challenges the only way she's ever known how to live her life.

Throw in a serial killer, some sensual moments, a large cast of characters, and a world that is as fascinating as it is scary, and you've got yourself a very interesting and good book.

Book 2, VISIONS OF HEAT: Faith NightStar is a psy who can predict the future and for that reason is very valuable to her people. However, when she finds out that her sister has been murdered, it changes everything because she 'saw' it happen. So she ventures out to see Sascha, the only psy she knows that is no longer on the PsyNet. But Sascha lives with changelings, and when Faith goes there she meets Vaughn D'Angelo.

This was another fascinating tale.

Book 3, CARESSED BY ICE: Judd Lauren is an Arrow, a psy soldier who is also telekenetic. He has to keep his power under control by using the Silence, which makes him efficient. It also makes him unreachable by emotion. Which makes it really hard for Brenna Kincaid, who not only needs his protection but longs for his touch. Brenna was kidnapped and has many mental scars, but with Judd by her side she's kept safe from a new threat to her life. The problem is that no matter how much they want each other, without the Silence, Judd's power is so dangerous he can kill unintentionally.

Once again, very good book. It was cool to watch this psy character 'thaw' out. 

I have to admit that for some reason, I've put off reading this series for a while. And now that I've started, I think I know why. Although the characters, storyline, and world are unique and very interesting there's something that kept me from fully connecting with it. And I'm not sure why. Still, they were enjoyable stories and Nalini Singh is a wonderful storyteller with a flair for in-depth narrative.

Maybe reading the first three books in succession wasn't such a great idea because they've sort of become one chunk of interwoven tales inside my head. lol. But at the same time, I got a chance to experience this strange and unique world.

If you're a paranormal romance fan, you'll really enjoy this series.

Slave to Sensation: Psy-Changeling #1, June 2010, ISBN 978-057-509566-3, Gollancz Paperback
Visions of Heat: Psy-Changeling #2, June 2010, ISBN 978-057-509568-7, Gollancz Paperback
Caressed by Ice: Psy-Changeling #3, June 2010, ISBN 978-057-509570-0, Gollancz Paperback

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