Monday 22 June 2009

Book Craziness!

The weekend was awesome, although it continued to be a little too wet for my liking.

Oh, and I did go a little nuts with the book buying. Let's see, on Friday night I went to my fave bookstore and came back with 7 books. They had some awesome bargains, really. And on Saturday I came back with 3 new books after we popped into a shopping center. And yesterday I ordered 1 online. Once again, all bargains that I couldn't pass up. :)

Books, books everywhere. I love it!

Speaking of books, I finished reading this one yesterday and absolutely loved it. My gosh, what a freaky story. It was insane and wonderful, scary and wow - all at the same time. I'll post a full review of it soon.

Okay, I didn't end up finishing the first draft of my current WIP on Friday afternoon. I got a little distracted and ran out of time. This morning, I've added another 1,440 words but the epilogue is not written yet. That's what my goal is for today - I shall get that epilogue written. And when that's done, the first draft will be finished. Yay! I'm very excited about how this story turned out. It's one of those that ended up being bigger than when I first came up with the concept. The second half of the book took a different direction that actually made it a more interesting and action-packed story. Cool!

The word count's currently sitting @ 40,437. Yep. I've met my word count goal and have no idea how much more it'll go up by after the epilogue. Though I don't think it'll be a really big ending. Just a little wrap-up.

My daughter also helped me shuffle my bookshelves around a little. I've got so many YA books now that I had to make more room for them.

Well, I'm off to face another Monday. Happy day!

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