Thursday 28 May 2009


So, did you check out the Transformers trailer yet? Man, you've gotta. I've seen it heaps of times already, but never seem to get enough.

I absolutely LOVED the first movie and from the start knew that they were either going to release a shitty, boring, try-hard movie, or an outstanding, awesome one. I'm glad that it ended up being fantastic! And I get the feeling the sequel's going to be just as good.

I can't wait!

Anyway. How's everyone this week? Asides from the shitty weather we had yesterday, everything's pretty cool. :)

This morning, I got stuck into UC and managed to add another (almost) 1,500 words. Not as good as yesterday morning, when I managed to add 2k before my daughter woke up. Still, it's some good progress.

I'm now sitting @ 64,631 words.

According to my word meter, I've now reached 80%. I've almost reached my goal. I think the first draft will end up being 80k but I'm not sure. It might come in slightly under. Most of the story's been told, but I've still got another (maybe) two chapters to write so I can wrap everything up, and an epilogue. Yeah, it definitely needs an epilogue that seems to already be writing itself inside my head. :D Lol.

I'm having a lot of fun getting this story out of my system. I also think it's a good way to end the trilogy. There's going to be a high note, a not-so good note, and a setting-things-up-for-future-books note. Yeah, there's always one of those.

Well, I think it's time to sign out!

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