Friday 29 May 2009

I didn't get enough sleep...


So, do you stress about titles? I do, especially last night.

You see, the trilogy that I'm working on right now happens to follow straight after another trilogy. Same world, some same characters, new characters, new narrators for each one. Basically, it expands on the world and I think the titles I've given these three novels are great. I mean, they're connected, similar, and each relates to the main thread of the novel. So, it got me wondering about the first trilogy.

Do those titles have the same impact? Are they getting the same message across as these ones? Well, the titles are good, but they're not great and I don't think they've got the impact I want them to have. So, I drove myself nuts last night trying to come up with new ones.

So far, nothing. Of course, this is something that I'll be able to discuss in more detail with my editor once the editing starts, but it would be nice to have a few options ready to go.

Hubby reckons that I stress too much about my titles because I want them to be a fitting echo of the novel, and I know he's right. I just like them to sum up the story somehow. Y'know? I remember when coming up with titles was easy. Now, for some stories, it seems harder than getting the story told. Lol. :)

Well, this morning I got up early but I haven't added any new words to UC yet. I don't think I will either, not until after I drop my daughter off at school. I've got two chapters left to write. I'm almost finished and although everything's right there, ready to spill from my fingertips, I'm kinda resisting it. A strange thing to do, but I often find that when I'm so close to the end of a novel, I take my time to reach the first draft end. That's fine. I think I'll write that last chapter today and then finish up with the epilogue on Monday.

Oh, and as of yesterday afternoon, the word count = 67,503.

This morning, instead of writing new words, I tinkered with a synopsis and sent it to my editor and then put together a submission for one of my other ePublishers. Fingers crossed. So, I might not have added to UC, but I was still being productive!

Well, I think it's time for me to sign out now.

Have an awesome weekend!

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