Tuesday 24 February 2009


Go away

close the book

put it down

do not look

Yesterday, my daughter and I popped into the library and I decided to borrow the second and third Spiderwick Chronicles books. Why didn't I grab the first one? Well, my daughter owns a copy. So I thought I could read that and see if I enjoyed it.

Last night, after I finished getting through my revision page goal, I decided to grab it. I started reading, and kept reading... and before I realized it, I'd finished it. Of course, it's a much shorter book than what I usually read, so I wasn't surprised that I got through it so quickly. What I was surprised about was how much I enjoyed it!

I've seen the movie and noticed that they stuck pretty closely to the first book. Still, as much as I enjoyed that, there's an extra spark to the book. And the illustrations are gorgeous! I also warmed to Jared a lot more in the book than in the movie. The poor kid's had a rough time and gets himself into trouble, though he doesn't mean to.

Something I've noticed about Holly Black is that no matter what fantastical part of faerie she's focusing on, she still manages to draw the reader into the very real life of her human characters. Like so many children who have to endure divorced parents, Jared suffers through that and it seems to dominate a lot of his actions and reactions. Loved it!

Anyway, as you've probably already guessed... I'll be starting the second book later on. ;)

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