Tuesday 24 February 2009


we said no

still you looked

now instead

someone gets cooked

You know, I was going to read this book tonight but instead wound up reading it before and then after dinner. Wow! I'm really enjoying this series. The cool thing is that I remember which scene was adapted from this book, but it wound up being different. In a better way.

Once again, I enjoyed the book better. Of course. I love the gradual introduction of all the different faerie species, and didn't expect the griffin to be introduced so early on. Awesome!

It's great how the children are slowly changing and pretty much accepting what's going on in front of them. And isn't it cool that Jared - the one they all considered the troublemaker before - is now pretty much helping them work through everything? Cool. I love seeing character growth, and it's already happening.

I also worked out that this is a 5-book series, so we went back to the library and I borrowed the rest of the books. It shouldn't take me too long to get through them. :D

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