Monday 5 January 2009

Lotsa Bookshelves

Anyway, I'm so darn tired today! This weekend, I've lifted more things than I've ever lifted my whole life. I'm pretty sure of it.

It all started on Friday night when the hubby came home with a truck he borrowed from work. We had to get a heavy piece of furniture in there, so we could drop it off at my mother-in-law's place. I was surprised that I was able to help him get it down the stairs and then into the house. I guess the weights have been helping me with strength. Just as well, because we then made a few trips to IKEA to pick up 4 new shelves, eight doors to put on these shelves, a 6-drawer chest, and a few bits and pieces. Phew. Hubby put it all together and we both moved everything into the bedroom.

So, our room is officially almost complete. I just need to sort out a few things that are homeless at the moment. It's amazing just how much you can pack into a room over the years. :/

I spent several hours during Saturday and Sunday night grabbing all my books - they were all over the house, but mostly in my daughter's room - trying to organise them as nicely as I could. I'm still amazed at just how many books I have. I didn't end up cataloguing everything because I just wanted to put it all away, but gosh, there are heaps. Still, there's also room for growth now. I was a little worried about not having that. Lol.

Now, I need to go back into my daughter's room so that I can try and clear away most of the mess left behind. There are a lot of things there. Once you start, it feels like it's almost never-ending.
Gosh. I know it's January and the start of a new year, but for me, February always feels like the starting point. I guess it's because I can't totally throw myself into any long writing projects because my daughter's home for the whole month.
Anyway. Have a great day! You'll find me sorting and re-sorting stuff now...

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